The Multi-Location function of a Booking Center is an example of how to expand your business while maintaining the Centrality of Management and Control


Is Multi-Location Booking Center possible?

Of course! And it's simpler than you can imagine.

Whether you are a professional who works alone or you are two, five, ten or fifty, all in one location or in multiple locations throughout the country, do you think there may be a system that is able to organize, distribute and manage all the work for all staff at all locations?

Simplify your management

Free to expand and organize your business!

Companies and businesses that have multiple offices in the regional or national municipal area need reliable solutions that streamline management but allow for centralized control and supervision of the work of each office.

It introduces positions of several offices, each with its own staff and services, manages the complexity of multi-office reservations while maintaining the centrality of management.

Easily manage multiple locations in your company "With a single booking solution for all customers".

Selecting the Venue during the booking process, this means that during the booking phase both from the Back-Office and from the website and from the Client App it is possible to choose the venue where the booking will be made and then the service administered.

Perfectly integrated into a booking process and administration area

Each site will have associated its staff and its services, it is also possible that the members of the staff can work simultaneously in multiple locations in organized calendars.

Free to expand and organize your business!

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Expand your horizons

Finally a solution that expands your horizons in complete safety

Make your business management simple and organize your work in the best possible way in all your business locations and you will derive operational benefits unthinkable until now.

Simplify the booking process!