Web Applications and Mobile App

Which Online Solution Should You Use?

The Application Website is one of the solutions!

E-commerce is an example of this, a great technological achievement that is increasingly consolidating itself in the web scenario of today and I think of the future by evolving further.

But a gap still needs to be filled, for companies and professionals who do not sell Products but Services, Consultancy and Performance by Appointment or Booking.

For this category of Activity or Market sector there is still a lot of confusion and despite the solutions now on the market I do not see a real advantage for the end users, referring to Companies and Professionals.

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The Apps for iOS and Android

The Exclusive and Branded Apps for iOS and Android are a valid alternative to enhance your business, but as for the Application Websites they must give a minimum of interaction with customers and facilitate the acquisition of new work such as:

  • Book and / or sell your services and products directly
  • Access Reserved to the Staff
  • Access reserved for customers
  • An integrated Chat system
  • Push notifications
  • News section
  • Gallery section

Otherwise what would they be for?

Do you think you are at the TOP of company performance?

Have you already made an analysis of your business information flows and how they affect your production and organizational processes? This is the right time to turn your business around.

Today in almost all sectors, business and production realities it is no longer enough to have a simple management system, many companies need to evolve and maximize their performance. Therefore, the need arises to have real applications that manage the operation of company services or those offered to its customers that give full operational support even on the move.

From our market analyzes we have found a need that has now become essential, companies need to have greater speed and efficiency in the processing of information that opens, closes or feeds internal and external operational and production processes.

Solutions at your fingertips


Greater speed and efficiency in the processing of information that opens, closes or feeds internal and external operational and production processes. Real-time data collection and localization.


Solutions with a high technological content, give productivity the right operational boost and a return to control with the consequent savings and business optimization


The devices and technologies currently on the market allow our company to provide products, services and solutions with a high technological content, with minimal investments compared to a few years ago.

The benefits obtained far outweigh the investments made for corporate upgrades. What are you waiting for?

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But are all booking systems the same?

Not all the solutions you have evaluated will allow you to manage automatic bookings taking into account the real time of use of resources and staff , and probably the real complexity of running the service or in any case they could do it in a way that is not compatible with your real needs.

Let's start with an example of a simple booking, "eyebrow hair removal" will surely be performed by a single employee and will last about 15 minutes, it can be performed in a room with one or more workstations, (but the latter is another problem that we will see in another post) and so far everything is ok.

P.erò there are services and / or performances such as: "thermal paths", "mud baths" or other "Precorsi Benesere" etc .., which may have a fairly complex execution complexity within them, in order to be managed by a normal booking system; I am referring to the fact that some services or performances may occupy one or more staff members, simultaneously or at different times within the service and there may be in the services and waiting windows, in which the customer can remain alone, and therefore not the staff is employed, (who may be available for other bookable services).

Another need could be identified in the need to foresee pre- or post-execution padding times to clean up and prepare everything before the next service booking, and for this reason these are times that cannot be automatically booked for that service.