Software consultancy

Software consultancy

We provide software consulting services in this case Design, Development and Integration of software systems


Our software consultancy consists in assisting the client company that poses problems on its hardware and software infrastructure for which it foresees expansion or integration of new features, redesign from scratch of its solution or integrations between pre-existing software modules.

Our initial approach is always to avoid a radical disruption of their operations for our customers, but rather the best solution in terms of cost benefits.


The study and analysis before the design phase is often underestimated by companies in the sector, we give it the right importance as only with a careful analysis of the scenario currently in place, carried out with our customers we are able to offer always the best result




Project planning and application design

We structure all our solutions so that they can give maximum operational ergonomics to our customers, because we take care of comfort and problems related to human work.

In relation to the design of software interfaces and work environments, we pay the utmost attention, in order to identify the most suitable solutions to the needs of users and at the same time to those of production.

  • Analysis of prerequisites
  • Analysis of pre-existing software and hardware
  • Identification of improvements to be made
  • Comparison on possible new features to add or integrate
  • Presentation of the Project and assessment of the operational and financial impact

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